Reaching the Comfort Zone

Two people dating over time will eventually get to know each other, and that is when they may finally feel at ease with each other. It can take time to build the bridges that will connect them, and they may even take a few breaks in dating when awkwardness overwhelms them. There will come a time when they no longer feel nervous, and this is when they are reaching the comfort zone of their relationship. Keeping zeroed in on it can help the longevity of their relationship, and losing it can bring them back to the beginning of getting to know each other.

Many people have made the assumption that once they know their partner they are set for life. It would be wonderful if this were always the case, but people can and do change over time. A young couple could find each of them have differing opinions on important issues as they mature, and it can mean they need to get to know each other once again. While some people automatically make these adjustments, not all recognise the possibility they will need to do it.

Finding out suddenly a partner feels differently about a particular issue can be a shock, and it could deeply affect the relationship. Questioning the other person about when or why their opinion changed can feel like an attack. It is often more of a query for information, and their partner is looking for reassurance that there are still some things that have not changed in their relationship.

Change can be good in many parts of life, but people finding out their partner has changed significantly can experience a jolt of negative emotions. Many of them may wonder if they know the other person at all any longer, and some might even feel lost within the relationship. Talking about issues and reestablishing contact can correct the problem and bring them back to their relationship comfort zone.